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Make Mine a Double

Our client, El Torito Restaurants, was updating their facility in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, so they called upon Mike Mertz, their Account Manager, to help create new artwork for the restaurant décor. Mike and the client chose images that are used in many of the restaurant’s promotional materials and on their menu. imaged these high-resolution, 6-foot tall art pieces on our exclusive ‘stucco-finish’ textured canvas. Then they were stretched on a hard board material to add durability in this high traffic environment. In addition, a protective coating was applied to help protect the surface integrity. The stucco-finished art pieces were then framed in our “El Torito moulding”, ready for hanging.

The two frames were delivered to the restaurant and were up in time to meet their grand-opening event.  Now it’s margarita time…make mine a double.

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