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Custom Digital Wallcovering Patterns

Need to create a unique “signature” for the walls in your office, lobby or boardroom?  We can help. We have the ability to create custom wallcovering patterns that repeat to make installation a breeze and minimize waste.

Whether you want to use a design, your corporate logo or some other theme, has your solution. Our digital artists will work with you to create your unique wallcovering. Nearly every color in the rainbow can be used to make custom wallcovering patterns.

We’re local and we print all of our materials in our own shop located in Anaheim, California. We can respond quickly to your request for a design and can have a sample at your door in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Choose from a variety of wallcovering finishes to make your custom pattern fit your needs exactly!

Have an idea for a pattern you’d like to see?  Call me and let’s make it happen.  Make your walls look incredible with custom digital wallcovering patterns!

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