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Improved Atmosphere Improves Sales

Our client, Charley’s Grilled Subs, approached us with a need. Their brand new store needed some graphics to improve upon their freshly painted walls. Working with our Graphics Consultant, Francisco Flores, we developed a large mural where we would wallpaper one wall of the restaurant.

We created a collage of images depicting sights all along California’s coast. Printed wall size, these images make you feel like you are in each of the picturesque locations. Using 3M 180C with an 8520 laminate we applied the graphic early one morning before the store opened for business. The change in atmosphere was dramatic. Our client did not have to wait long to hear what customers thought about the new wall graphics.

Some of their comments were; “The wall looks great!”, “I love it!”, “It totally changes the way the place looks.”, “I love the Golden Gate Bridge section, it makes me feel like I am there.”, “They did a good job of mixing in the different areas of California.”, “Great idea to put that on the wall!”

In addition to the nice comments, Charley’s has also seen an increase in sales. An improved atmosphere leads to improved sales. If you need to spice up your atmosphere, give us a call. We’ll go to the wall for you!