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Unleash Your Creativity With Textures

Last week we introduced a new line of graphics called Textures. These unique graphics can be used in a variety of ways to create dazzling displays. To show off some of the possibilities, our VP of Digital Imaging, Brian Mundy, created some examples of how you could incorporate logos and Textures into stunning wall décor.

Using Cinema 4D, Brian created the photo realistic images you see above. The combination of Textures, colors, logos and design are endless. Let your creative juices flow and transform a dull, boring wall into a dramatic element of your lobby, office or conference room.

You can add dimensional lettering and logos on top of a Textures background that reflects your image and impacts your environment. Imagine using beveled plexiglass images with stand-offs on top of a Textures background. Think of the “WOW” factor you can communicate to your clients when you use ECOresin panels to enhance the Textures background. Unleash your creativity and see how Textures can be used for your next project.