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Called Upon by the Voice of My Country

Our client, The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, needed to produce graphics for their newest exhibit celebrating Presidential Inaugurations. The Library is presenting an extraordinary collection of more than 200 official inaugural treasures capturing the pomp and circumstance - and pageantry - of this both solemn and gala occasion.

For this exhibition, All Wall Graphics printed a 3’x4’ stretched canvas reproduction of an illustration of Federal Hall, site of George Washington’s first inauguration, a 4’ circular die-cut Presidential Seal printed on photographic paper, laminated and mounted to 1” gator board, a 12’ x 7’ back wall image of Nixon’s inaugural oath produced on custom wallpaper, and a 10’x2’ banner hanging from the ceiling.

The Presidential Inaugural is America’s grandest celebration and a time of great symbolism. It is a colorful tradition of official events, parades, balls, speeches and receptions. The centerpiece is when the new President takes the formal oath of office on the Capitol steps, just as George Washington did in 1789 at New York’s Federal Hall. The exhibit is open until April 19, 2009.