Detail Photo

Grand Mural Makes Grand Entrance, Part 1

Designed by our client, Montanio Design, this large feature wall at St. Joseph Hospital’s new Cancer Center, is seen from the main entrance. It serves as a backdrop behind a grand staircase leading to lower levels of the Center.

The mural, shown here in its initial phase of installation, measures nearly 27 feet tall by 27 feet wide. Working with All Wall Graphics’s Account Executive Ralph Love, our team produced custom wallpaper measuring 19 feet wide and running the entire two-story height of the wall. In addition, we fabricated a rounded decorative piece and installed supplied fine art wallpaper to complete the first phase of installation.

In coming weeks we will be adding to the feature wall elements of river rock, cut eco-resin using stand offs, textured glass panels, sculpted wood features and cut vinyl to finish this dramatic wall graphic. It is a grand mural that makes for a grand entrance.