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Suspended Eco-Resin by Design

Our client, Golden State Construction, asked us to help with a project in a local dental office. The goal was to create a decorative partition between the main entrance and the children’s play area.

Utilizing Lumicor Toffee Leaf eco-resin panels, both frosted and clear versions, we suspended the decorative pieces. Each panel is held in place by aluminum fasteners and grippers attached to stainless steel cables. The bottoms of the panels are inserted into a groove cut in the base of the curved wood partition. Suspension hardware was selected because the thin panels would pop out of the groove without proper support.

Eco-resin comes in a variety of types and styles. It is made of actual material, such as natural plant, industrial metal or textile patterns, embedded in acrylic. It can be used to transform mundane spaces into extraordinary walls and designs.

If you need options on how to improve your office environment, give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you how eco-resin can make a difference in your design.