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Reversible Framing for Collectibles

When clients come to us to have a jersey, baseball or hockey stick put into a shadow box we use a reversible framing technique to preserve and protect their collectibles.

On jerseys for example, we use thread and/or small plastic “tags” to attach the garment to a support board to stretch it tight. We do this so we do not damage the jersey in any way. That way, if you wanted to have it reframed years from now, or put on e-Bay to generate a little cash, our stretching process is completely reversible.

For pucks or baseballs, we use a very fine mesh, called toule, to wrap the object. Then we pull the material through the backer board and secure it. This method also allows for a complete reversal if you ever wanted to take that signed puck or baseball out and auction it off for charity.

For hockey sticks we use a thin, clear Mylar strip to wrap over the item and pull the strip through to the back where it is secured. We do not use screws or glue that could damage the original item and reduce its value. We use a similar technique to display programs or books within a shadow box frame.

Not everything needs reversible framing techniques, but when it does, the framing experts at All Wall Graphics are here to help you.