Detail Photo

Life On A Chip

Our client, Broadcom, came to us wanting to create a 3D visual to highlight what goes into the designing and manufacturing of a chip. There are several steps in the creation of their product. It all starts with a schematic. Wafers, containing dozens chips, are manufactured. Each chip is removed from the wafer, assembled into a daughter-board, and then placed into a mother-board where it all comes to life. Mike Mertz, Broadcom’s account manager, worked closely with our client and All Wall Graphics’s creative team.

In the final framed piece, schematic drawings and background graphics were imaged using metallic photographic material and mounted to polished acrylic. Actual chip wafers and boards with chips were used. Since chips are so small, we had to build a 10x magnifying glass to highlight them. The framing experts at All Wall Graphics assembled the parts in a shadow box frame and delivered it to Broadcom Corporation where it is proudly on display.