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Honoring a Legend

Our client, the Long Beach City Auditor’s Office, is honoring Myrtelle L. Gunsul, the longest serving elected official in Long Beach. Elected in 1919, before women had the right to vote, and was re-elected 11 times. She served the city until her retirement in 1951. Miss Gunsul blazed the trail for women and sought to inspire them to enter public service and to instill high ideals and motives into both political and business life.

Working with their All Wall Graphics Account Representative, Mike Mertz, the Auditor’s Office tells Miss Gunsul’s story with visual reproductions from archived family photos and keepsakes, city documents and historians ready to honor her legend. Mike helped gather details and designed art to explain her life’s work. One piece showcases Miss Gunsul’s professional journey and includes letters of recommendation of employers from the upper mid-west to Long Beach, CA. Another wall highlights her Long Beach career including a 3D reproduction of her signature and milestones in 7 different framed art reproductions. Myrtelle L. Gunsul is an inspiration to women everywhere. We are proud to be a part of honoring this legend of Long Beach.