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Creating a Healing Environment

Our client, the Anaheim Ducks, asked us to help decorate walls for a newly dedicated wing at CHOC Children’s Hospital. Through the efforts of the Anaheim Ducks, over $350,000 was raised to help create a more healing environment for children and adolescents with cancer.

“Teen years are tough enough without the added stress of a cancer diagnosis”, says Karen Gruner, Donor Relations Coordinator for the hospital. “CHOC Children’s Hospital wanted to create a much needed teen environment that would make teen cancer patients still feel like teens, encouraging camaraderie and social interaction with each other. Allowing the teen patients to be together versus with younger patients or with adults at adult facilities is much better for them psychologically.”

All Wall Graphics was asked to make frames of Anaheim Ducks players to help decorate the walls of the new Anaheim Ducks Wing which included a Teen Room, Family Lounge, School Room and Playroom. Working with the Anaheim Ducks and CHOC, we printed selected images and made frames then coordinated a late-night installation so the rooms could be ready for a grand opening early the next morning.

“The rooms looked incomplete and unfinished until the Anaheim Ducks and All Wall Graphics came to our aid,” says Miss Gruner. All Wall Graphics is grateful to be part of creating a healing environment for the children and adolescents undergoing cancer treatment at CHOC Children’s Hospital.