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Night Flights of Fancy

Our client, the six photographers of The Legacy Project, was asked by the Orange County Great Park Corporation to provide inspired works of art for their schedule of summer evening events called “Night Flights at the Preview Park.” Working with All Wall Graphics’s Artists Liason, John Hesketh, we helped turn their vision into reality.

The Legacy Project is a collective of six photographers documenting the ongoing transition of the former El Toro Marine Base into its future land uses including the building of the OC Great Park. Artists Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Doug McCulloh, and Clayton Spada worked with All Wall Graphics which provided grand format printing as well as creative and technical assistance.

The large 40’ by 10’ double-sided banner of the Great Park’s giant orange balloon was a collaboration all six legacy photographers and six 8’ by 10’ individual banners were created by each photographer. The exhibit is located in hanger #244 across from the Great Balloon at the Great Park’s preview park.